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Dipper Constellation or Dipper Wood Xie

Dipper Wood Xie of the Dipper Constellation

Dipper Constellation 斗宿 or Dipper Wood Xie 斗木獬 is the 1st Lunar Mansion of Black Tortoise of the North.

Dipper Constellation or Dipper Wood Xie

The six main stars of this constellation look like a spoon, hence named Dipper (斗).

Ancient Xiaozhuan Style Character for the Dipper Constellation

The Xie is a mythical creature resembling a vast black lion with a giant horn on its head. It is known for its brilliance and righteousness, often intervening in conflicts to protect the side of justice.

Deity of Dipper Constellation or Dipper Wood Xie

Deity of Dipper Constellation or Dipper Wood Xie from the painting "Divinities of the Five Planets and Twenty-Eight Constellations" by Qiu Ying (about 1498 — 1552).



Individuals born under the Dipper Wood Xie Constellation are creative, sentimental, ambitious, competitive, possess high self-esteem, have a refined taste, excel in handling pressure, and are highly motivated in stressful conditions.


However, they may easily be emotionally influenced and lose ambition and motivation when things are going well.



People of the Dipper Constellation are more likely to thrive in professions that require expertise and creativity, such as technicians, teachers, writers, doctors, designers, painters, etc.



Individuals of the Dipper Wood Xie Constellation tend to be relatively conservative, romantic, and seek stable and serious relationships.


However, some may prioritize their careers over their love lives and have a tendency to compete for leadership and dominance in relationships.

Personalized Constellation Necklace



Dipper Wood Xie Mansion's people will likely encounter challenges in their early years.


Their competitive nature and ability to handle pressure and thrive in challenging situations can lead them to progress and achieve success, particularly from midlife onward.

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