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Heart Constellation or Heart Lunar Fox

Heart Lunar Fox of the Heart Constellation

Heart Constellation 心宿 or Heart Lunar Fox 心月狐 is the 5th Lunar Mansion of Azure Dragon of the East.

Heart Constellation or Heart Lunar Fox

This mansion includes three main stars representing the heart of the Azure Dragon, hence named Heart (心).

Ancient Xiaozhuan Style Character for the Heart Constellation 心

In some folklore and legends, the fox guarding this mansion likes to visit the earth, wander around the secular world, and create opportunities for beloved couples.


Therefore, some believe that enshrining the Heart Lunar Fox can bring about beautiful love.

Deity of Heart Constellation or Heart Lunar Fox

Deity of Heart Constellation or Heart Lunar Fox from the painting "Divinities of the Five Planets and Twenty-Eight Constellations" by Qiu Ying (about 1498 — 1552).



The people of Heart Lunar Fox Mansion are righteous, courageous, optimistic, wise, persistent, and generous.


They possess a keen ability to understand people's hearts but are unwilling to reveal their true personalities.


They are easily trusted but find it difficult to trust others.


Additionally, they can be suspicious, sensitive, unpredictable, and occasionally overly straightforward.



People of the Heart Mansion are more likely to thrive in careers that require analytical and research skills, such as critics, teachers, doctors, scientists, as well as professions that deal with public opinion, such as journalists, politicians, actors, designers, negotiators, and more.



People of Heart Lunar Fox Mansion are attractive and have plenty of opportunities to meet others.


They approach love with seriousness and remain loyal to their families.


However, at times, they can exhibit excessive control and suspicion.

Personalized Constellation Necklace



People born under the Heart Lunar Fox Mansion are easily trusted and receive assistance from others, leading them to live comfortably starting from midlife.


Their wisdom and persistent optimism contribute to their happiness and stability in their later years.

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