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Karma and Root Constellation Relationship

Constellation Relationship

Karma and Root, in Chinese Ye Tai (业胎), is a constellation relationship in which two sides have deep connections in their souls or from their past lives.


It is believed that Karma (K) and Root (R) either died at the same time in their past lives or reincarnated at the same time in their current lives.


The connection in their souls emerged when they were born, as their karmas are part of their roots.

Karma and Root or Ye Tai relationship

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It applies to all types of relationships between lovers, friends, families, coworkers, etc.


When they first meet, K and R have an unexplainable familiarity and intimacy.


No matter how different they are as individuals, they would find something in common and feel deep connections and profound understanding in their souls.


They can see a part of themselves in each other.


Generally, they can be good teammates and close friends.

Karma and Root Constellation Relationship

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In a K and R relationship, K is believed to be indebted to something from R in their past lives.


Therefore, in this life, K takes the initiative, is supportive and protective, and cares more.


If R could show response and gratitude, being sincere, emotionally stable, and mature, they could be soul mates and happy couples with telepathic love.


However, if R takes everything for granted for a long time, K would become frustrated and upset, even desperate; they would separate heartbrokenly, but it usually won't be a peaceful breakup.

Karma and Root Relationship
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