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Leg Constellation or Leg Wood Wolf

Leg Wood Wolf of the Leg Constellation

Leg Constellation 奎宿 or Leg Wood Wolf 奎木狼 is the 1st Lunar Mansion of White Tiger of the West.

Leg Constellation or Leg Wood Wolf

The main stars of this mansion represent the legs or feet of the White Tiger, hence named Leg (奎).

Ancient Xiaozhuan Style Character for the Leg Constellation



People of Leg Wood Wolf Constellation are sentimental, passionate, kind, sincere, expressive, curious, soft, and would try their best to avoid conflicts.


However, they can also exhibit traits of impatience, recklessness, stubbornness, jealousy, and occasional over-pride.

Deity of Leg Constellation or Leg Wood Wolf

Deity of Leg Constellation or Leg Wood Wolf from the painting "Divinities of the Five Planets and Twenty-Eight Constellations" by Qiu Ying (about 1498 — 1552).



People of the Leg Constellation are more likely to thrive in careers that require discipline or creativity, such as lawyers, police officers, doctors, nurses, editors, designers, writers, and similar professions.



Individuals of the Leg Wood Wolf Constellation are attractive and adept at flirting.


They tend to be involved in ambiguous romantic relationships driven by passion and irrationality.


However, after settling down, they can be loyal partners, making efforts to maintain romance and allure.


Those with lower self-control may be prone to emotional or physical infidelity.

Personalized Constellation Necklace



People of Leg Wood Wolf Constellation are generally fortunate, with comfortable and carefree lives.


Meanwhile, very smooth, even wealthy lives in their early years may make them take things for granted, and some are even spoiled. Therefore, some of them might encounter setbacks during midlife.


If they stay positive and persistent, they can regain everything they lost and make impressive progress.

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