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Net Constellation or Net Lunar Crow

Net Lunar Crow of the Net Constellation

Net Constellation 毕宿 or Net Lunar Crow 毕月乌 is the 5th Lunar Mansion of White Tiger of the West.

Net Constellation or Net Lunar Crow

The main stars of this mansion form the shape of a dip net, traditionally used for hunting birds and rabbits, hence earning the name Net (毕).

Ancient Xiaozhuan Style Character for the Net Constellation



People of Net Lunar Crow Constellation are resolute, serene, organized, modest, warm-hearted, courageous, idealistic, persistent, trustworthy, and calm, and are not fans of socialization.


However, they may also exhibit traits of indecisiveness, stubbornness, overconfidence, and a lack of resilience.

Deity of Net Constellation or Net Lunar Crow

Deity of Net Constellation or Net Lunar Crow from the painting "Divinities of the Five Planets and Twenty-Eight Constellations" by Qiu Ying (about 1498 — 1552).



People of Net Constellation are more likely to thrive in careers that require expertise and concentration, such as doctors, managers, analysts, athletes, researchers, developers, technicians, etc.



Individuals of the Net Lunar Crow Constellation approach love with rationality and sincerity, seeking true love and stability.


In dating or serious relationships, they are always loyal and committed, maintaining a balance between family and career.

Personalized Constellation Necklace



People born under the Net Lunar Crow Constellation generally lead stable and comfortable lives.


While some may start humbly and others may miss good opportunities due to romanticism or a lack of persistence, they can still progress steadily over time.

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