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Room Constellation or Room Solar Rabbit

Room Solar Rabbit of the Room Constellation

Room Constellation 房宿 or Room Solar Rabbit 房日兔 is the 4th Lunar Mansion of Azure Dragon of the East.

Room Constellation or Room Solar Rabbit

This mansion includes four main stars representing the Azure Dragon's abdomen.


These four stars are equidistant and look like four horses of a chariot, so this mansion is also named the Heavenly Horses.


According to other records, it is believed to be the place where the Great Emperor of Heaven announces policies, holds grand meetings, and conducts sacrificial ceremonies.


Therefore, this mansion is named Room (房).

Ancient Xiaozhuan Style Character for the Room Constellation 房

In ancient China, the rising of the Room Constellation at dawn signified the time to commence agricultural activities for the following year.


Therefore, many people would hold sacrificial rites to worship this constellation every spring.

Deity of Room Constellation or Room Solar Rabbit

Deity of Room Constellation or Room Solar Rabbit from the painting "Divinities of the Five Planets and Twenty-Eight Constellations" by Qiu Ying (about 1498 — 1552).



Individuals born under the Room Solar Rabbit Mansion are insightful, sensual, determined, and often have a high likelihood of achieving success or wealth.


However, their accomplishments and fortunate circumstances may make them capricious, excessively proud, and lacking in empathy toward others.



People of the Room Mansion tend to excel in jobs that involve interactions with people, although they generally have the ability to perform well in most occupations



People of Room Solar Rabbit Mansion are generally popular and attractive; easy to flirt with, but challenging to fall in love and express true feelings.


However, they tend to be relatively realistic in committed relationships.


Once settled down, they are respectful, loyal, and have a strong sense of vengeance when it comes to betrayals.

Personalized Constellation Necklace



People born under the Room Solar Rabbit Mansion are usually fortunate and have an easier time achieving success in their early years.


To maintain a promising career and a fulfilling love life, it is beneficial for them to be understanding, grounded, grateful, modest, and expressive of genuine emotions.

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