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Star of Life Constellation Relationship

Constellation Relationship

Star of Life, in Chinese Ming Zhi Xing (命之星), is a constellation relationship in which two people highly resemble each other.


It is believed that two people in a Star of Life relationship were twins (sharing the same appearance) or two spirits of the same person (sharing the same experience and mind) in their past lives, or they have reincarnated at the same place (sharing the same social and historical events) more than twice.


Therefore, seeing each other feels like looking in a mirror: they resemble each other in many ways and can understand each other without a hitch.

Star of Life Constellation Relationship

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It applies to all types of relationships between lovers, friends, families, coworkers, etc.


However, in romance, the resemblance of two people in a Star of Life relationship cannot guarantee a perfect relationship.


One important reason is that their flaws would be the same, and they can easily see the deepest dark side of each other, such as being equally indifferent, emotional, stubborn, dominant, and so on.


Especially for individuals who can't or are not willing to change, it can be a significant problem. In that case, they might return to being friends and remain in that capacity forever.

Star of Life Relationship

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Nevertheless, they can build a loving and solid relationship if they can acknowledge their shortcomings and strive for improvement, are mature and independent, don't need another person to complete or compensate for their missing parts, or are confident and highly value themselves.


Hence, this high-level resemblance and deep understanding are a two-edged sword, and the outcome of the relationship depends on how they wield it: to criticize others or to improve themselves.


The most important factor is if they like themselves.

Star of Life
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