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Constellation Relationships in Astrology — Unraveling Human Connections

Constellation relationships are a fascinating lens through which we can unravel the intricate tapestry of human interactions.


They offer a glimpse into the complex interactions between two individuals, shedding light on the factors that initiate and conclude relationships.


However, it's important to note that constellation relationships primarily illustrate interaction dynamics, not relationship outcomes, nor do they imply any complete dominance of one person over the other.

Constellation Relationships in Astrology

The Six Constellation Relationships


There are six main Constellation Relationships between two people.

Constellation Relationship

Appease and Undermine (安坏) — Passion and Intrigue Defined


Within this constellation relationship, one person seeks solace while the other craves disruption.


Their attraction is instant, sparking a passionate and intense romance.


Yet, it's important to note that this dynamic can sometimes result in over-possessiveness, potentially creating a toxic environment lacking equilibrium and warmth. Read More

Appease and Undermine Relationship in Astrology

Jeopardize and Complete (危成) — A Balancing Act of Growth


In the Jeopardize and Complete relationship, one assumes the role of a guide, propelling the other towards success.


The counterpart admires, follows, and occasionally poses challenges, fostering a symbiotic bond of growth and happiness.


Yet, excessive idealization might hide real challenges, resulting in impracticality. Read More

Jeopardize and Complete Relationship in Astrology

Honor and Endear (荣亲) — Familial Warmth and Serenity


The Honor and Endear connection radiates with warmth, stability, and harmony.


Possibly rooted in a shared bloodline from past lives, this bond swiftly blossoms into an atmosphere of trust, security, and comfort.


However, due to their family-like resemblance, this relationship might sometimes lack the intense passion seen in others. Read More

Honor and Endear Relationship in Astrology

Benefit and Reduce (友衰) — Familiarity and Happiness of Friendship


The Benefit and Reduce dynamic reunites former friends, fostering mutual growth and shared experiences.


Thriving companionship radiates a spirit of togetherness and spiritual connection.


Yet, this friendship-like bond might occasionally lack deeper romance and passion. Read More

Benefit and Reduce Relationship in Astrology

Karma and Root (业胎) — Soulful Ties and Profound Intimacy


Karma and Root relationships unveil deep soul connections from previous lives, fostering an uncanny familiarity.


Despite their differences, these connections reflect a shared essence, presenting both comfort and challenge.


This deep connection might sometimes lead to taking each other for granted and fostering unrealistic expectations. Read More

Karma and Root Relationship in Astrology

Star of Life (命之星) — Mirrored Souls and Vulnerable Resonance


The Star of Life relationship unveils an uncanny likeness between individuals.


Whether sharing past lives as twins or linked spirits, their connection is akin to gazing into a mirror, facilitating a deep understanding of each other's strengths and vulnerabilities. Read More

Star of Life Relationship in Astrology

Distances in Constellation Relationships


Except for the Karma and Root and Star of Life relationships, the remaining constellation relationships come in three distances: Short, Middle, and Long.


These distances mirror the intensity of fate's influence.


Short Distance nurtures deep connections and intense emotional involvement.


In contrast, Long Distance engenders milder emotional connections, often leading to less intense sorrows too.

Constellation Relationship
constellation relationships distances in Astrology

Key Guidelines in Constellation Relationships


Before delving into constellation relationships, here are some key guidelines to consider:


Suitable for Established Bonds


Constellation Relationships thrive within well-established connections, not with newly acquainted or unknown (like celebrities).

Constellation Relationships Are Not Inherently Superior or Inferior


These relationships reflect unique learning opportunities tied to specific life phases.


Since close relationships are important parts of personal growth, the people and relationships that come into our lives mirror our inner frequency and state during that period.


Constellation Relationships Distances Are Not Classified as Good or Bad


Long Distance may possess shallower destiny links but also be less influenced by hurts and sorrows.


Middle Distance offers a balanced blend of connection and commitment.


Short Distance, though affected more by emotional harm, often brings in deeper, stronger bonds.

Constellation Relationship
Guidelines in Constellation Relationships

Cultivating Relationships — Self-Improvement and Virtues


Positive outcomes hinge on optimal timing, circumstances, and compatible partners.


Additionally, personal virtues play a pivotal role.


For instance, in relationships that involve giving, there's a distinction between giving joyfully and giving begrudgingly. Those who are inherently calculative may not thrive in such roles.

However, on the flip side, these relationships also serve as a means of self-growth.


The intention behind entering such a relationship is to test your character. Encountering someone you genuinely want to love can nurture your heart, fostering qualities like selflessness, compassion, and love.

Remember,  it is about self-improvement rather than changing the other person.

Throughout this journey, the other person in the relationship is also being tested.


If they take things for granted, or if you begin to perceive the relationship as a karmic tie that's being resolved (if the connection fades and you no longer wish to be with them, or if you even feel wearied by their presence), then it might be time to part ways.

Cultivating Relationships

Marriage Potential


Every constellation relationship holds the potential for marriage. A well-nurtured relationship can evolve into a lifelong partnership.


Conversely, even relationships with proximity and a deep theoretical bond can falter without proper care.


Unique Situations


Keep in mind, that each person's circumstances are unique.


Assuming both individuals possess admirable qualities, genuinely share fondnesses for each other, and engage with sincerity, it's plausible for any type of relationship to culminate in marriage with the one you love.

Marriage Potential of constellation relationships

Collecting and Paying Debts in Constellation Relationships —  Exploring the Karmic Threads that Bind


From another angle, constellation relationships dive into the patterns of karmic ties between folks, stemming from past actions.


This perspective introduces the concept of 'Collecting and Paying Debts' within these celestial connections.


This dynamic involves understanding the interactions within relationships, encompassing leadership dynamics, emotional investments, and the depth of attachment.


Striking equilibrium can be challenging; one party often wields more influence, while the other carries deeper sentiments, fears loss, gives more, or struggles with insecurity.


The 'creditors' initiate actions to reclaim perceived dues, often exuding confidence. This positions them as the stronger party.


Conversely, 'debtors' assume a more passive role, showcasing vulnerability.

Constellation Relationship
Collecting and Paying Debts in Constellation Relationships

Here's a little trick for figuring out where you stand when you don't have the other person's birthdate yet.


If you meet someone for the first time and you're feeling a tad excited or you're trying a bit too hard to impress, you're probably the "creditor".


But if you're meeting someone new and their vibe kind of knocks you off your feet, you're drawn to them but feel a bit off, maybe even a bit wary, then you're likely the "debtor".


Of course, nothing's set in stone.

However, not all 'debtors' seek long-term partnerships, and being a 'creditor' doesn't ensure desired outcomes. Personal attributes and self-improvement journey play pivotal roles.

Debtors and creditors in astrology relationships

Remember, imbalance won't last long; actions trigger reactions.


When you push something, it will push back. It's a give-and-take with people and the universe.


Relationships are harmonious interactions with both individuals and the universe, interweaving time, space, personalities, circumstances, and ambiance.


Even within the same constellation relationship, outcomes shift with changing conditions.

Karmic Bond in constellation relationships in astrology

Over time, balanced relationships evolve.


If most debts are repaid, equilibrium ensues.


When couples focus on personal growth, the connection flourishes into a lasting, joyful union.


However, persisting imbalance might prompt parting ways, reaffirming the reciprocity that fuels relationships.

Karmic Balance in constellation relationships in astrology
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